Clash of Kings joins forces with DunHuang Inspiration to start a cultural journey in the desert!


The epic war strategy mobile game "Clash of Kings" (hereinafter referred as "CoK"), independently developed by ELEX, will soon join hands with DunHuang Inspiration to release a special global collaboration. China's millennial cultural treasures are presented through your cell phone screen. This summer, we invite you to CoK to enjoy Dunhuang scenery and start a cultural journey!

Dunhuang is located on the "Silk Road", the transportation artery from China to the western regions, Central Asia and Europe in ancient. It is an important crossroads for the exchange between Eastern and Western cultures, and an essential carrier of the interconnection of the four ancient civilizations-China, India, Greece and Islam. This time, CoK chose to collaborate with Dunhuang, with the aim of introducing one of China's most beautiful cultural treasures [Dunhuang] to players around the world, especially young groups abroad, spreading the voice of China and striving to be the cultural inheritor.

In the special linkage version of CoK & DunHuang Inspiration, we will comprehensively improve the artistic quality of the game, bring unique and exotic Dunhuang culture aesthetics to the game content with original diverse civilization, and provide a new visual experience. New Dunhuang map, new plot and CoK's original Dunhuang guardian are online to complete the Dunhuang civilization journey together with players. Also, we will release new content such as Fresco Restoration, Legend of Merchant Road and Dunhuang Treasure at the same time. Through the game, players can directly communicate with history, feel the temperature of history and learn more about the millennia-old culture behind Dunhuang.

CoK, which is about to celebrate its eighth birthday, continues to maintain strong momentum as a leading company in developing foreign markets. Based on the conscientious production of game, adhere to the original aspirations and make a breakthrough. Based on the game's connotation itself and the spirit it promotes, comprehensively develops from the fields of culture, entertainment, competition as well as IP expansion and linkage, and "use the game as a carrier to spread culture", aiming to create our own brand blueprint for players. In the game, players can not only experience the fun of the game itself, but also feel the unique charm of multiculturalism. CoK has released versions such as [Dragonborn Civilization], [Viking Civilization], [Yamato Civilization], [Crescent Civilization], and the popular [Huaxia Civilization]. This time is to join hands with DunHuang Inspiration to delve deeper into the Dunhuang story, renew and remodel it in the game, aiming to better spread the traditional Chinese culture.

CoK expects that through this special cultural linkage and the unique design elements added to the game, the game can become a beacon of traditional Chinese culture and show the beauty of Dunhuang to the world. The special linkage version of CoK & DunHuang Inspiration will be officially released in August, allowing more players to experience the charm of Dunhuang culture and become "Dunhuang Guardians". Let's stay tuned for the sparks created between CoK and Dunhuang in the future!

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